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I am a carer at home for my wife. I am a small "human" calculator (up to 3-4 digits not 10-20-100's of digits). Only officially passed Physics at year 12 level but could have gone to Uni as a possibility. Wanted to get a job though and 36 years, 2 months and 25 days later I am a carer and a Christian. Enjoy and be not deceived.

Is Speaking in other Tongues Relevant?

Many People I have spoken to in my 31y5m24days in the Lord say that It is a Gift and therefore not everyone has it. That Gift is mentioned in 1Corinthians12vs10. It is also in other parts of the Word. My … Continue reading

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1st Post.

Does anyone know what true Christianity is? I ask this because almost no-one does. Only those who are obedient to the gospel in it’s entirety. What is the Gospel? Well it’s the good news that we can be saved. But … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hi All, I am a christian who has some Words of God to say. There are so many religions around today and how can we be sure that any of them are “right”? Traditional Christian religions, eastern religions, american religions, … Continue reading

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