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Hi All, I am a christian who has some Words of God to say. There are so many religions around today and how can we be sure that any of them are “right”? Traditional Christian religions, eastern religions, american religions, etc, etc… Who is “right”? Well there’s only 1 right way of being a christian. It is a very narrow path and few there be that find it. Fewer still stick with it. It is of course to follow Jesus into the waters of baptism and to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts ch. 2, vs. 37-40).

This what The Lord Died for. For us to be like Him. To be Spiritually the same as Him. Only then can we do the same works as Jesus did but we can do greater as well. The greater work we can do is to Preach the Gospel. Jesus could not save anyone. He had to die and 50 days later, send the Holy Spirit and the Spirit saves our Souls. It takes our “worm” and converts it into a new creature that can Live forever. The body of this death will definitely not Live forever. Only Spiritual Creatures are going to be with the Lord forever.

That’s why it’s so important to be Born Again (born from above) of the Spirit. Also at the end of that passage is something very interesting.  John 3 Verse 8 says, “the wind blows where it listeth and thou hearest the Sound thereof…… That word wind (pneuma in the greek) has been translated as Spirit, Holy Spirit… In other places and only once as wind (here). It therefore makes more sense to say “the spirit blows where it wants to” rather than the wind because the wind doesn’t have a mind.

Now, from practical experience, our assemblies know that when People receive the Holy Spirit, they Speak in other Tongues as the Spirit gives the Utterance. So to make a long story short, If you can Speak in Tongues you have the Holy Spirit and therefore you are Born of God. That is the message (the Gospel) we are meant to take out. As we have received, Freely give. Also we are called to use that experience everyday, read about it and fellowship where it is preached. For another Place to read about this, turn to Mark 16:15-20. This called the Great Commission in the margin of my Bible. Truly Great.


About crabby1

I am a carer at home for my wife. I am a small "human" calculator (up to 3-4 digits not 10-20-100's of digits). Only officially passed Physics at year 12 level but could have gone to Uni as a possibility. Wanted to get a job though and 36 years, 2 months and 25 days later I am a carer and a Christian. Enjoy and be not deceived.
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