Is Speaking in other Tongues Relevant?

Many People I have spoken to in my 31y5m24days in the Lord say that It is a Gift and therefore not everyone has it. That Gift is mentioned in 1Corinthians12vs10. It is also in other parts of the Word. My experience is that when you receive the Holy Spirit, you will speak in other Tongues (Languages). Isaiah28vs11-12 says “for with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people…….. Here is a Prophecy about what happens today.

When Jesus said in Mark16vs15-20 that these Signs would follow believers (5 signs) He knew that this Scripture would be needed in the Last Days because so many people would be deceived. He knew (because he is the Word made flesh) that He had to identify His people. It was a Short term and a Long term Prophecy. According to the Scriptures, 7 days after He spoke those Words, 120 People were Gloriously filled with the Holy Spirit and they Spoke in other Tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

I thought I was a Christian for at least 6 years before I received The Holy Spirit with the evidence of Tongues. I was totally deceived by a figment of someone’s imagination. Only when I truly was obedient to the Gospel did I get the whole Package. On the First day of the Church (Acts2) Peter explained what had Happened! This time he was speaking as a Christian for the First time. When this was heard (the Tongues) by the people gathered for the Feast of Pentecost, they wondered what it was. Some said they were Drunk. All of them were amazed and were in doubt. Peter stood up and said that this was Prophesied by Joel (ch2vs28). He said the Spirit was necessary and that the sons and daughters would Prophesy.

Peter also told us how to get it!! When the gathered multitude asked what can we do he said “Repent and be Baptised and you shall receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost”. 3,000 People were added to the Church that day! If they had not heard those Tongues they would probably not have known about the Church, much less been part of it. The Holy Spirit gives these Signs as an Identification of Believers who have believed the Gospel. If people don’t believe then they don’t have the Signs. However, even after people do believe and have the “Signs following”, they can be tricked into not replicating their experience!

In two other places in Acts do people receive the Holy Ghost and they Speak in other Tongues. That should be enough to Prove beyond doubt that when the Holy Ghost comes into a person, they Speak in other Tongues. This not a gift we are talking about here!! It is a Sign because the “Gifts” are for use when we gather together as an assembly.  Then the up to 3 Gifts of Tongues are Interpreted by course by people with the Gift of Interpretation. Then up to 3 Gifts of Prophecy. God is actually Speaking to the assembly directly! Wow! Every Christian can Speak in Tongues but not all Christians exercise the Gift of Tongues. No confusion here. Enjoy!

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1st Post.

Does anyone know what true Christianity is? I ask this because almost no-one does. Only those who are obedient to the gospel in it’s entirety. What is the Gospel? Well it’s the good news that we can be saved. But how do we find it? Well the Lord will make sure we hear about it in our lifetime. The church is told to go out and preach the Gospel to every creature.

How the Gospel works is through Spirit-filled people. They have received the Gospel into their Hearts! Now not all who are Spirit-filled are preaching the Gospel. You can receive the Holy Spirit but not know what to do with it. The simple answer to the question of what to do with it is to duplicate your experience.

There are some signs attached to receiving the Holy Spirit. Read about them in the book of acts or simply go to the book of Mark, ch. 16, vs 15-20 and you’ll see 5 signs mentioned as identifying believers. The Holy Spirit gives us those signs to identify us as people who have obeyed the Gospel. Now, just because anyone has those signs doesn’t mean they have the Gospel.

The other part of the Gospel is to walk in the Spirit. That means to be faithful to your experience. It means 1), to pray in the Spirit every day, by that I mean Speaking in other Tongues one of the signs in Mark 16. This builds up your Faith (Jude 20). It also means 2), we should read about it every day in the Word as well. For a beginning Christian the Gospels and the book of Acts provide a good start. Also 3) it means telling others about your experience (witnessing). 4) it also means fellowshipping in an assembly that preaches the Gospel. Not just any old church but the one where the scriptures are adhered to.

The reason it is advised to read these 5 books in the beginning is because you get to see what our big brother (Jesus) did in his ministry (the gospels) and also his Chosen men after he Left this earth (Acts). Now everyone who is Spirit-filled has the Gospel inside them. Only by growing in the Spirit do we get the Fruit which is so important and the fruit is, Souls saved. The other Fruits of the Spirit (galatians 5:22) are there as we grow in Christ and they enable us to not offend people and so they lose their Salvation. That is a terrible tragedy that happens to a lot of people.

There are regular “Prunings of the Vine” in the true church. The reason this is so is because only a “remnant shall be saved”. If there were no regular prunings of the church, things would get out of hand. A pastor would be flat out all day every day if he had a church of 25,000 people to look after! People however do draw offence at what happens in the church and while the offence doesn’t happen intentionally it does happen.

People “fall away” for a myriad of reasons but the biggest one is probably being offended by someone in the church. This is my experience over the past 31 and 1/3years. If all of us Truly walk in the Spirit we can keep the number of people from falling away to a minimum. Preferring one another in Love is a great scripture and an example to all of us. However before we get there, we must first have the Spirit because the Spirit is Love.

Once we are walking in the Spirit, without any pretence, then we can be a conduit for Salvation and not a blockage. Another example to us is the Faithful Steward. All that passage means is we are given the Holy Spirit to give to other people. “As you have received so freely give”. He that is deceived into not duplicating his experience will be an unfaithful steward and the punishment is accordingly dire. The Lord will not hold him guiltless.

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Hello world!

Hi All, I am a christian who has some Words of God to say. There are so many religions around today and how can we be sure that any of them are “right”? Traditional Christian religions, eastern religions, american religions, etc, etc… Who is “right”? Well there’s only 1 right way of being a christian. It is a very narrow path and few there be that find it. Fewer still stick with it. It is of course to follow Jesus into the waters of baptism and to receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts ch. 2, vs. 37-40).

This what The Lord Died for. For us to be like Him. To be Spiritually the same as Him. Only then can we do the same works as Jesus did but we can do greater as well. The greater work we can do is to Preach the Gospel. Jesus could not save anyone. He had to die and 50 days later, send the Holy Spirit and the Spirit saves our Souls. It takes our “worm” and converts it into a new creature that can Live forever. The body of this death will definitely not Live forever. Only Spiritual Creatures are going to be with the Lord forever.

That’s why it’s so important to be Born Again (born from above) of the Spirit. Also at the end of that passage is something very interesting.  John 3 Verse 8 says, “the wind blows where it listeth and thou hearest the Sound thereof…… That word wind (pneuma in the greek) has been translated as Spirit, Holy Spirit… In other places and only once as wind (here). It therefore makes more sense to say “the spirit blows where it wants to” rather than the wind because the wind doesn’t have a mind.

Now, from practical experience, our assemblies know that when People receive the Holy Spirit, they Speak in other Tongues as the Spirit gives the Utterance. So to make a long story short, If you can Speak in Tongues you have the Holy Spirit and therefore you are Born of God. That is the message (the Gospel) we are meant to take out. As we have received, Freely give. Also we are called to use that experience everyday, read about it and fellowship where it is preached. For another Place to read about this, turn to Mark 16:15-20. This called the Great Commission in the margin of my Bible. Truly Great.

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